Wireguard Client Side Config Template

Here are the steps to Create a Client-Side VPN client configuration before that install Wireguard on your Device or System.

in Android and IOS, you can Easily Configure the Wireguard VPN Service because it having a clear option panel to Generate the Keys and Peer Setup.

But in the Linux System, we need to install and Manage Everything Manually

Wireguard Client Side Config Template

  • Install Wireguard before the Setup and Configuration
  • After installing the Wireguard create a Configuration File
sudo -i

cd /etc/wireguard

touch /etc/wireguard/wg0.conf
  • Create a Public Key and Private Key
  • Create Wireguard Client Configuration
cd /etc/wireguard/

umask 077; wg genkey | tee privatekey | wg pubkey > publickey
  • Check your Private Key and Public Key
cat privatekey

cat privatekey
  • Client Setup – open Wireguard Configuration File
nano wg0.conf
Address = <Wireguard IP>/<PORT>
PrivateKey = <Private which you're Generated From your Device>

PublicKey = <Public Key of Wireguard Server>
Endpoint = <Your Server IP>:<PORT>
AllowedIPs =
  • CTRL + X to save your Changes
  • Now Start the Wireguard and Get Secure VPN Connection


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