My First Google Chrome Extension – San Proxy

San Proxy 🤖

Published My First Google Chrome Extension – San proxy A Chromium Based Extension for using Socks Proxy.

It’s Very Simple and light Weight Written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Why Developing this Extension?

usually, I connect proxy via My System Network Settings but I don’t want a Proxy to Rule My Entire System. I want to use it on My Browser only.

Next, I search the Socks Proxy Extension from Chrome Store Find lot of Good Extension but I still Miss Features from them

So I decided to develop Chrome Extension with some Cool Features 😁

➡ Socks5 Proxy Support only

➡ Works on HTTPS, HTTP, and FTP

➡ Proxy Connection Status

➡ Get Current IP

➡ Auto and Restore the Settings

➡ Disable Option

➡ Supports on Browser Build with Chromium

I feel Satisfied now because this is the Features I Need

So I develop this Extension with the above features – Still Planned for Many Features.

you need Socks Proxy IP only – and Recommended Proxy providers.




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